Paisley Museum by Advanced Refurbishment Contracts

Paisley Museum Pillar Gallery and Shawl Store

The works comprised of the replacement/repair  to match cornice details in various locations. The  installation of space age technology insulation foil  to the high ceiling and relining with plasterboard  and timber framing to create detail to the ceiling.

Painting of the walls and ceiling highlighting the  details in different colours, sanding the existing  wooden floor, and resealing finish the look. We  also had to form bespoke covers for the original  heating system that is located within the room  The pictures over the page show the level of  detail and quality of the finish in creating the  hardwood veneered panels with the famous  Paisley pattern carved in to them. These covers  were machined on site and designed to suit each  area. Our Joiners worked hard to create these  units and they are now considered works of art in  display in the museum.